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Nillkin SnapHold & SnapLink Magnetic Sticker (Suite Product)

Nillkin SnapHold & SnapLink Magnetic Sticker (Suite Product)

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Nillkin SnapHold & SnapLink Magnetic Sticker (Suite product)

The magnetic kit includes both SnapHold and SnapLink magnetic stickers. SnapLink sticker gives the phone magnetic function and if used in combination with SnapHold sticker you can snap your phone onto general surfaces such as walls, mirrors, windows or car interiors and free your hands from the burden. This kit is widely compatible with Apple and Android smartphones and both products included are made from premium PU leather which is smooth and durable. The footprint of SnapLink and SnapHold is also very minor and therefore you can handily take them with you on the go. The quality NdFeB magnet inside ensures a sturdy magnetic connection and freely-adjustable orientations while the select 3M glue guarantees a residue-free yet firm stickiness.

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